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Receive a complimentary extra unavailable anywhere else when booking many of our Maldivian Escapes. Each offer, courtesy of World’s Finest, is tailor-made to suit you based around your favourite activity.

Water Sports
Enjoy an ocean activity. It’s on us.

From surfing, kiting and diving, to a boat trip or fishing expedition - our Maldives Collection provides everything to satisfy the most active traveler. If that sounds like your kind of thing, we can offer you a free water sports pack.

Savour the finest cuisine. We’ll pick up the tab.

Perhaps you’re a food connoisseur, and would rather sample the wide range of dining options available at the resort. Choose to receive a complimentary meal and we'll give you a dining experience to remember.

Be pampered at the resort spa. Our treat.

Our selection of Maldivian resorts all feature luxurious spas that cater for everything from massage to therapy and treatments. If you’re looking for the most relaxing experience, then our free spa pack is the ultimate indulgence.

Explore the area courtesy of World’s Finest.

Whether you’re looking to discover the local culture as a family or visit the most remote location for a romantic island picnic, World’s Finest can arrange a complimentary excursion to suit.

Once you have chosen a resort or private island that interests you, make an enquiry and we’ll let you know what complimentary offers we can arrange at that destination. If you’re still unsure about which Maldivian Escape would be most suitable, please get in touch. We’re always happy to share our intimate knowledge of each resort.

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