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Travel in style with Roland Trettl

If, like me, you’re an avid traveller who loves to uncover hidden gems whilst devouring the finest cuisine on offer, then World’s Finest culture and culinary Experiences will be ideally suited to your taste. Since working as a Michelin Star chef, I have travelled the globe in search of the most talented chefs, learning their secrets, and continually growing my knowledge of how to transform great produce into even greater dishes. I’m looking forward to sharing some of what I have learnt with you whilst we travel together in absolute luxury, exploring the sights, sounds, aromas, and flavours of new places.

Roland Trettl - Master Chef & Travel Guru

Visit stunning locations & sample the finest cuisine

Memorable trips are always made that little bit more special by experiencing top cuisine. This is why World’s Finest have created bespoke culinary events, designed to make your mouth water with their very mention. Perhaps the chance to sample the best of what Catalonia has to offer by taking a tour through the city of Girona, or discovering the culture of Northern Italy through its tantalising food and wine.

See amazing sights and stay in luxury accommodation

Learn about the culinary nuances of numerous iconic locations, while relaxing in optimum style and receiving first class service. Our tailored Culture & Culinary adventures not only offer an insight into how to get the most out of local, rustic ingredients, they will leave tastes and aromas in your mind that will forever hold a place in your heart.

Travel with Roland & learn from the best

Utilise the master himself as Roland Trettl joins you on a culinary treasure trail, traversing some unique paths and delving into the secrets that help to create extraordinary food from unpretentious fare. With Roland’s immeasurable knowledge by your side, there’s no shortage of tips and tricks you can’t pick up to wow friends and family back home!

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