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Ski with Bode Miller & Erik Guay

I’ve had some incredible journeys with World’s Finest Experiences, in particular, our yearly heliskiing trip staying at Chalet N, one of my all-time favourites. These guys really know how to put on the most incredibly lush events, and it’s hard to put into words just how much fun it is to share the slopes with the guests, and sit down afterwards to revel in the day’s events whilst being pampered by the superb staff at the chalet. Erik is a dab hand on the pool table though, so watch out for that shark! I’m really happy to have got together with World’s Finest, and can’t wait to see what amazing ideas they come up with for our next trip. Looking forward to meeting you.

Bode Miller - Double World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist skier

Hi there. I guess if you’re reading this then there’s a good chance we’re going to get to know each other pretty well in the future. It was on the first World’s Finest Experience in Skeena that I realised how incredibly dedicated they are to making everyone’s stay as luxurious and exciting as possible. I really feel a part of the group, and it makes the whole trip so much more amazing that we get to spend the whole time in each other’s company. Eating incredible food, staying in the best places, and exploring the best heliski mountains in the world. It doesn’t get better than that. See you on the slopes!

Erik Guay - Double World Champion skier

The biggest events of the season with VIP access

Get the best tickets to the biggest highlights on the official World Cup calendar, such as Hahnenkamm, Åre and Lauberhorn. Our regular Hahnenkamm Week has been delighting guests for the last few years, with backstage access and the opportunity to meet and ski with the stars.

Heli-ski adventure trips with the stars

There aren’t many greater thrills than being dropped off by helicopter at the top of the mountain to ski on untouched powder - but we take the experience to another level. You’ll be accompanied by a world champion whilst staying at the finest chalets in the world, such as Chalet N in glamorous Oberlech or Bear Claw Lodge in Skeena.

Luxury Chalets, Fine dining and Champagne Powder

In addition to our scheduled events, you can combine any of our offers to tailor your own. Experience the best ski chalets in the world, with fine dining by renowned chefs such as the Winkler brothers, and we’ll whisk your group away for some truly exceptional heli-skiing led by our expert mountain guides.

Skiing Experiences
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January 2020
Kitzbühel, Austria
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Oberlech, Austria
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Skeena, Canada
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