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The benefits of renting out your luxury property With us
We Handpick the Very Best

World’s Finest Escapes was conceived to fulfil the demands and expectations of the ultra luxury market. We focus on a limited selection of meticulously handpicked Escapes, ensuring that your property is only displayed with equal properties, and our high-end profile clients are able to find the type of Escape they seek.

A Place for Everything

Each property is assessed on an individual basis to establish where it can best fit into the World’s Finest platform. Dependant on our assessment and the level of marketing the owner is looking for, a property can be integrated into one or more collections. Some, such as the Bode Miller Collection, have the added marketing benefit of being associated with a legendary superstar.

An Experienced Concierge for Homeowners & Guests

A personal concierge meets guests at your property, explaining all they need to know. On hand 24 hours, they will book anything required, from restaurant reservations to travel arrangements. Our concierge is not only for guests - as a homeowner you are free to take advantage of their service and book any of World's Finest offers.

A Team of Highly Trained Professionals

In addition to our concierge service, World's Finest bring in a specialist team to offer many services for guests. From daily housekeeping and in-house breakfast chefs to welcome packs and airport transfers, we handle everything our clients expect from a World’s Finest Escape.

Brand Ambassadors & Luxury Partners

World's Finest partner with a number of luxury brands, professionals and famous sporting heroes, putting us in the enviable position of being able to organise unique events and offers to further promote your home, or simply enhance a special occasion a homeowner or guest is organising.

Global Superstars

World's Finest iconic ambassadors are not limited to our Escapes collections. By integrating with our Experiences, we can cross-promote your property to achieve its maximum rental potential. Our Experiences cover world-wide destinations, from Hahenkamm Week starring Bode Miller and Erik Guay in Kitzbühel in Austria to our Kite Cruise with Youri Zoon in The Maldives.

Bentley chauffeur service

With a vision to create the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance, Bentley makes an ideal driving partner to World’s Finest, offering a door to door chauffeur service for homeowners and guests.

Private in-house chefs

World’s Finest Escapes have teamed up with famous chefs around the globe to be available for private functions. In Kitzbühel, the Winkler Brothers offer guests a private dining and sommelier experience in their chalet. Christian produces modern Tyrolean cuisine, and is one of Austrias most respected chefs. Markus, maître d' and sommelier, will select the finest wines to perfectly complement each dish.

Private jet & helicopter transfers

The most convenient way to travel - whether you would like an airport transfer, a trip to a remote location or an aerial tour of the region - our experienced pilots can get you there in style.

Simple Management. Stay Informed.

For those who wish to be in control, our simple online system allows you to manage all the important aspects of your property rental. Our availability calendar automatically updates based on bookings made, whilst you can easily block out dates you do not wish to let. You can also adjust the pricing and property facts. Future updates will allow you to see who is renting the property, and access documents/contracts online.

Your Property in a New Light

When you place your property with World's Finest you are benefiting from access to a team who are at the cutting edge of visual communication. Outstanding cinema quality video production, world-class photography and engaging editorial give potential visitors a strong connection to, and the best possible feel of your home.

Stunning Website Presentations

Our website portal is optimised to give visitors the best experience possible, whether viewing on mobile or desktop. Every property receives it’s own beautifully presented page, including video, slideshow, article and detailed information.

Taking Care of the Finer Details

World's Finest design and produce all the material to cater for our clients needs, including guest information packs explaining how everything in your property works. We can also brand properties with their own logo to further individualise them.

A Level of Marketing to Suit You

Through different levels of marketing we can adapt the quantity of promotion to suit what you may already have, or produce higher quality material where necessary. Extra special properties may be chosen to feature as a Signature Escape, gaining the added benefit a dedicated web microsite, two pages in the World’s Finest Edition Book, editorial exposure in magazines and a WF Consultant.

The Right Message to the Right People

All of the care and attention we lavish on presenting to our network and interactive channels is also backed up by exceptional advertising. Choosing the right vehicle by following and listening to trends is crucial to further attracting the right clientele. We work with highly respected publications to increase awareness of our own brand, and create both advertising and editorial campaigns to promote your Escape.

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Walter Fischer, certified real estate trustee and CEO of WF International AG has many years experience in the luxury industry, developing a trusted network of top class partners and high wealth private individuals. For a full homeowner information pack, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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