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The Benefits of Selling Your Luxury Property With Us
We handpick only the very best

World’s Finest was conceived to fulfil the demands and expectations of the ultra luxury market. We focus on a limited selection of meticulously handpicked Estates, ensuring that your property is only displayed with equal properties, and our high-end profile clients are able to find the type of Estate they seek.

Expert advice at every stage

People buy and sell new homes everyday, but along with market changes, there are often rules and regulations of residency and foreign policy to consider. We team up with local and internationally acclaimed advisors to help our clients make the best decisions.

Keeping you informed is our priority

See how your property is being marketed, and get feedback from each viewing - we keep you in the loop. Have all your data in one place, and enable other people to access this data given your consent.

"At World's Finest Estates we put a lot into marketing. Having our properties looking great is very important - that's why we now have a production company focused on this task alone"
Your property in a new light

When you place your property with World's Finest you are benefiting from access to a team who are at the cutting edge of visual communication. Outstanding cinema quality video production, world-class photography and engaging editorial give potential visitors a strong connection to, and the best possible feel of your home.

Stunning presentations

Our website portal is optimised to give visitors the best experience possible, whether viewing on mobile or desktop. Every property receives it’s own beautifully presented page, including video, slideshow, article and detailed information.

The right message to the right people

All of the care and attention we lavish on presenting to our network and interactive channels is also backed up by exceptional advertising. Choosing the right vehicle by following and listening to trends is crucial to further attracting the right clientele. We work with highly respected publications to increase awareness of our own brand, and create both advertising and editorial campaigns to promote your property.

Associated with global superstars

World's Finest maintain a close collaboration with a variety of professionals, putting us in the enviable position of being able to organise unique events to promote the sale of your home. From a private Michelin star chef to famous sporting heroes - with such an extravagant event comes excellent media and editorial opportunities to raise even greater awareness of, and desirability for your property.

Elevating your property with our luxury partners

With a vision to create the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance, Bentley makes an ideal driving partner to World’s Finest. We can integrate cars, models and bespoke goods to enhance the feeling of life and luxury in each home.

True masterpieces require the ultimate marketing techniques. If deemed to fit into our Signature range a property benefits from higher levels of marketing, including a dedicated micro-site and printed hard back book.

Dedicated film and website

We build a strong online presence for clients to view your property, including large format photography, video, editorial and interactive floorplans. Our cinema quality movie production presents the property in-site, and give the visitor a taste of the real heart and feel of the property which simply cannot be captured by images and text alone.

Superior quality printed book

From websites and logos to books and advertising, our creative designers take care of every requirement. You get our best team of world class photographers, with separate specialists for architectural, landscape and lifestyle footage, as well as a professional copywriting team.

Visibility & access management

We understand the importance of being completely transparent about who is viewing your property. Our online system is designed to give you control over what others can access, whilst also providing information about the types of clientele taking an interest in it. We let you choose the way you want your property to be visible through our website.

Luxury Living
World’s Finest coffee table book

Being selected as a Signature Estate has the added benefit of the option to receive premium exposure in the World's Finest edition book, which brings together the very best of luxury living within its beautifully printed and designed pages. The annual is distributed through our network of high profile clients and members who are looking for their next special purchase.

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Get in Touch for More Details

Walter Fischer, certified real estate trustee and CEO of WF International AG has many years experience in the luxury industry, developing a trusted network of top class partners and high wealth private individuals. For a full sales information pack, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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