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Cheval Blanc Randheli
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Cheval Blanc Randheli in the Maldives has a vast range of offers within its exclusive resort. We proposed to promote the resort within our Maldives Collection, whilst the Owner’s Villa would have it’s own micro-site featured in our Signature Escapes and Private Islands Collection.

By hosting on a central platform, World’s Finest can highlight individual properties within a resort, adding links and cross-promotion throughout each micro-site.
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A very special film was produced for Cheval Blanc Randheli, taking in all aspects of what they offer, with particular focus on their extremely high level and personal service. The film and excerpts from it are used to promote them throughout the Escapes website, whilst Cheval Blanc Randheli also use our productions on their own website.

Utilising the latest technology, our Cheval Blanc Randheli promotional movie features underwater and aerial footage.
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Our team of world class photographers took hundreds of photographs to capture everything the resort has to offer, including use of models and different times of day. Of specific interest was the opportunity to take aerial photographs from our drones, which capture the stunning environment in beautiful quality and colour.

Capturing the full beauty of the location from every angle, drones are a non-invasive way to obtain some dramatic, high quality aerial photographs and video footage.
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Integrating Cheval Blanc Randheli into the Escapes website required hard work, creativity and ingenuity from all departments of our productions and marketing team. The results speak for themselves - a full micro-site that explores every aspect of the resort in detail - from the service, restaurants, facilities and activities, to beautifully presented individual pages for each style of villa available.

The Cheval Blanc Randheli micro-site is seamlessly integrated into the Escapes full site, where the full video and details of the resort can be viewed across multiple pages.
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The Owner’s Villa is presented in our Signature and Private Islands Collections, and a second micro-site was built to provide its own presentation with links between it and the full Cheval Blanc Randheli Escape. Exploring the villa in detail, the micro-site presents each room in detail along with floor-plans, stunning photography and an independent movie production.

The Owner’s Villa micro-site explores the private island in great detail. All film footage and photography has been used on the Cheval Blanc Randheli website as well as World’s Finest Escapes.
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The success of working with Cheval Blanc Randheli is now set to extend beyond our Escapes and into our Experiences, where they will feature in our luxury Maldivian Kite Cruise with Youri Zoon. This is a superb example of how the World’s Finest platform can cross-promote products to maximise marketing potential.

World’s Finest affords clients the opportunity to indulge in enthralling Experiences, designed to create unforgettable journeys alongside some truly global sporting and culinary luminaries.
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Needless to say, Cheval Blanc Randheli have been suitably impressed with the quality of material produced by the marketing team at World’s Finest, and both parties look forward to exploring future opportunities. Please get in touch with our team to discover the great things we could achieve together with your hotel or resort.

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