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Eagles Nest
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Each property is assessed on an individual basis to establish where it can best fit into the World’s Finest platform. Dependant on our assessment and the level of marketing the owner is looking for, a property can be integrated into one or more collections. Some, such as the Bode Miller Collection, have the added marketing benefit of being associated with a legendary superstar.

As part of the Bode Miller Collection, Eagles Nest benefits from premium exposure on the World’s Finest Escapes website, as well as offering guests exceptional perks.
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Visitors to World’s Finest Escapes are looking for much more than an impressive villa or chalet in which to stay - they want to be inspired and believe they have found a place that will truly enhance their holiday. As a result, our films are much more than a slideshow of pictures - they are full cinematic storytelling experiences that not only beautifully capture the home, but also the area and the lifestyle.

The film we produced for Eagles Nest features our skiing ambassador Bode Miller, along with shots of a stylish Audi R8 and the local area to evoke a lifestyle that matches up to the property.
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As part of our global marketing strategy, every collection benefits from its own advertising pool. Contributing as a group means that more effective campaigns can be created to attract prospective clients looking for a particular style of holiday. By association with a globally recognised world champion skier, our campaign for the Bode Miller Collection was highly desireable to magazines looking for a new angle on a story.

Advertising for Eagles Nest appeared in numerous high-end publications, including this double page spread in the prime position of inside front cover of Boat International.
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The design department are responsible for eye catching advertising campaigns, flyers and logo designs to enhance the bespoke nature of each home. World's Finest design and produce all the material to cater for our clients needs, including guest information packs, menus, towels and bathroom products.

Eagles Nest was given a strong brand identity, which is continued through the website promotion and items in the chalet itself.
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Cross-promotion through our Experiences is another way our marketing team ensures that a property achieves its maximum rental potential. Our Experiences cover world-wide destinations, from Hahenkamm Week starring Bode Miller and Erik Guay in Kitzbühel in Austria to our Kite Cruise with Youri Zoon in The Maldives.

Get in touch to find out how our team can market your property to achieve its maximum rental potential.

Eagles Nest is also offered as a rental property for clients of World’s Finest Experiences Hahnenkamm Week.

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