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La Donaira
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La Donaira takes a completely new approach to creating and maintaining an ultra luxury resort, which is entirely different from traditional high-end hotels. The aim is that guests should not feel as if they are in a hotel, but rather part of a stylish rural estate. A major attraction of La Donaira resort is the restaurant, which uses the farm’s own grown biodynamic foods for a cuisine best described as ‘creative simplicity’ that refers to the local Andalusian culinary traditions.

La Donaira’s integration into World’s Finest Escapes is currently underway, where it will be presented in the Signature Collection.
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The promotional video for La Donaira was conceived to capture the beauty of the area, and the truly relaxing atmosphere of this unique retreat.

“All the world's problems can be solved in a garden.” Geoff Lawton
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Day and night shots reflect on the rustic charm of the property, its spectacular setting, and freshly prepared local produce.

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