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Les Tourelles
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Les Tourelles is a striking, modernist property located in a unique setting on the banks of Lake Geneva. Shot in 2013, it was an early project for the World’s Finest marketing team.

Our photographers explored every angle to create a wide range of shots that capture the crisp, elegant style of the property.
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The film was shot in high definition widescreen format to fully capture the grand scale of the property, along with exterior flyovers by helicopter.

Time constraints meant production had to take place in winter, though one upside was that light snow brought a creative element to the slow motion captures.
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A high quality hardback book was produced in two languages to provide an in depth presentation of the property to interested parties.

The striking front cover design was inspired by artwork in the property. Simply reversing the colours on the cover identifies between the two different language versions.
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A highly creative website was built to present the property online to its fullest potential. Slide-in menus allowed for quick and easy navigation, whilst a combination of bold colour, elegant text and large images gave a strong impact.

The iconic yellow and dots theme continues through the multi page website, which explores the property in great detail.
Plans of each floor were created to give an overview of the property, with interactive elements for each room.
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